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When is the best time of year to buy an Investment Property?

When is the best time of year to buy an Investment Property
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One of the primary concerns while hunting for an investment property, apart from the location and the house itself, is choosing the right time to invest. On the surface, it may seem more practical and convenient to do it during spring or summer as everyone does, but there may be some hidden advantages that escape your notice when it comes to purchasing during winter. 

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Lower sale prices

You’ll find properties on lower sale prices in winters than in summer or spring. The best deals are often available when the temperature is at its lowest since purchases are uncommon and dealers are desperate to keep up the business. There is considerably lesser demand, and hence the best prices are offered during these months. Properties are on the market a much longer time, and sellers grab every opportunity they get to make purchases, so discounts, negotiations and concessions are more easily made.

Less competition

There is no real pressure. You’ll find attentive, motivated sellers willing to give time to your detailed requirements with plenty of options in the properties waiting to be sold. Additionally, since people use winters for gatherings and bonding time amongst themselves and wait till the summer, you will also have fewer wars to wage for the acquirement of the property.

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Increased warm weather demand

There is also more time to invest in the process during summer breaks than in winter, and most people opt for that. For this reason, demand increases during summer, along with the competition and prices. You may find it a little inconvenient but more comfortable in the pocket. You’ll find it less financially straining to make changes in the architecture; you’ll save quite a lot when you don’t immediately have to install air-conditioners, and the house has a central or pre-heating system.

Weather Conditions

The most significant benefit you'll probably have will be seeing how the house handles harsh weather conditions. You'll have the ability to inspect the house for heating, insulation, leaks, and warm water. It'll also be easier to see the strength and foundation under strong wind and storm conditions. You can then negotiate with your seller for repairs or changes before you close the deal. Additionally, you'll be able to see the house without all the greenery and bloom from summer and spring and get an idea about how it looks under the dullness and dreariness of winter.

Attention on You

If you go property hunting during the winter months, there's a higher chance that your realtor will be focused entirely on you. They won't be pulled every which way, and all your concerns, demands and requirements will be dealt with in full. Apart from that, the closing process which can otherwise take months at a time might take little time. You'll have a much better advantage of off-peak seasons with the searching and buying process. 

However, once you've considered why you may find better deals and benefits during the winter season, it is essential to make sure you've settled everything clearly with your realtor. Discuss all your options, expenses and changes that may need to be made on the investment beforehand, and make your decisions wisely. Sellers desperate to close deals might try to omit or keep important factors from you, so only finalize the deal if you’re sure everything is to your liking and you do not need to compromise or delay anything. Any time of the year may be bad in the long run if you find yourself unsatisfied later.

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