Windsor Ontario Canada – Explained by a Real Estate Agent/Investor – Smart Investment 2023

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Considering investing in Windsor Ontario? We explain the city, pros and cons on our property tour. Check out our video from a Windsor Ontario local real estate professional.

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Windsor, Ontario Canada – Explained by a Real Estate Agent/Investor

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I’m here in Windsor downtown and there you are saying Detroit downtown today. I’m going to walk you guys throughout the Windsor City to give you a broad Prospect of how what kind of pockets in Windsor area like downtown West Windsor East Windsor Walkerville area. I’m going to show you a walk in the streets. You’re going to see how the winds are City looks like so stay tuned.

Hello guys. So now we are here in court Downtown Windsor. So this is one of the places where a lot of young people hang around during the weekends. It’s the best place for nightlife.

You can see there’s a lot more pups bar and restaurants like some very good bars and restaurants here and also some small businesses and big businesses like TD RBC and investor group.

So on also the casino that’s one of the nice attractions for Windsor because a lot of Young Generation from Detroit they don’t have access to the United States.

For a below 21 so they come here because here it’s 19 age limit.

So this is like one of the beautiful places but at the same time when compared to the rest of the Windsor, This is CC place where there is the highest crime rate when compared to other sports.

I’m here at the sandwich Town recently City started to invest a lot of money to improve this area. You can see they have just recently made the arch and also the circle over there. So it’s a beautiful place to live in so we are the core part of the sandwich town.

You can see there are a lot of businesses small businesses have been renovated recently and also the city has been putting a good amount of money to improve this area. So be there is a stigma on sandwich Town saying that you know, it’s out kind of a bad area before but recently many students are moving into Windsor for the University of Windsor and st. Clair college.

So this in the last couple of years, it’s turned into a student area where there are nice bars and restaurants. You can see a new one opened sandwich Brewery Co and The Rock Bottom. That’s a sold bar and restaurant. It’s been there for ages. It’s a nice place if you come down here go and have some free peanuts over there and it’s a nice student rental and a half of three properties here where I’m planning to do a new construction high-end store and Rental. So it’s an upcoming nice food and riddle area.

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So now we are at the University of Windsor.

So this is one of the major economies of Windsor City.

Because the university has been growing every year by year and especially from the last two years because of trump perfect many Indian students and Cheney students move to Canada, especially by the University of Windsor have offered so many International Friendly courses. So because of that, many students moved in if you have seen the news recently in Windsor, there were 5,000 students came in for just one semester.

I think it’s a two-semester sick previous to this one.

So the student’s inflow has been growing day by day crazily. So if you are an investor looking to invest in student rental, then look for anything one to two kilometres radius of the University.

So now we are heading towards one of the major intersection in South West Windsor.

Which is her on Church Street and Take Em Shay.

So this is one of the busiest streets because of the Import and Export from Canada to u.s. U.s. To Canada because they hold on Church Street and directly connect to Ambassador Bridge to us and this intersection there like many new restaurants like Popeye is KFC and many other new restaurants have been opened.

So a new friend Choice new business.

Moving in means it’s a good sign, especially in this area. Many people work in States’ live surrounding areas. It says it’s a good neighbourhood. I would say so now we are heading towards the South Windsor.

We’re going to stop at the don’t share mouth.

So Dimension mall is where in recent times in the last year. They have done a lot of Renovations like updated the hole Turning the mall, like kitchen area sitting foot area and lot more improvements have happened because of that.

It’s full of crowded nowadays, but the houses around the dementia are more like the backside of it.

You can see in the map these houses or it’s one of the class neighbourhood in Windsor where Irish prices in this area for a two-bedroom three-bedroom. Two baths would be at least a 300,000 and there are like many million-dollar houses in this area and there are two there are a couple of schools which are topmost public schools in Canada. That makes the location has one of the desired locations for many upper-middle-class people to move in. So if you An investor if you have like a pretty good cashier just want to keep your money in a safe Locker than this would be the best place to invest in. The only thing is the cash flow would be very lean because of the price range of the houses, but you will have a solid tenants and the appreciation. When would be good when compared to all other rest of the areas in Windsor?

So now we are heading towards Drew lat street.

So there are a couple of streets in this area between Wyandotte and Tecumseh beside the Ford Fast Track and the Chrysler backside of the Chrysler plant.

So I’m personally not a big fan of these areas.

I don’t know. I don’t feel comfortable in the highest robberies list.

This area would be the first one and also there are many things that I don’t like about, you know, the by looking at it you can see that area is like kind of dark not that shining or thing and a lot of old houses, but I’ve been hearing a lot recent times saying that from other Our investors who said the city has been looking into this area started to invest money to improve to make it a better place to live because you’re it has some historic history for it. So I don’t know how it goes. If you want to take somebody’s can try out. So now we are heading towards old prestigious Walker will area.

So this is considered as one of the best rental.

Neighbourhood area where there are lots of duplexes and triplexes or fourplexes the average housing prices in this area would be if you’re looking at a three-bedroom two-bath, you can purchase it for close to 150 to 250 depends on you know, look and feel the condition of the house if there are any improvements made but basically if you’re looking at a hundred and fifty house single family to buy a three-bedroom two-bath what you can expect at least 12 to 1500 rent so which is like 1% Drew meets once 1% rule. So there are many properties in this area would meet one percent Rule and also it’s a decent neighbourhood a decent rental neighbourhood many investors look in this area, especially because of that, you know, pretty good cash flow and also the neighbourhood has been improving a lot in recent times and especially in this Area there are many younger people who hang out during the daytime because of many nice cafes in this area and nice bar and restaurants.

So it’s one of the nice upcoming rental neighbourhood. I would say, you know, if you’re an investor looking for cash flow then this is your this for you. So now we are on the Riverside Drive and heading towards East the apartments that you see on the right side.

They are I would in my opinion there the a plus investment properties because they are retirement homes where the people who retired who don’t want to live in their own houses they live here, but they are financially well settled and very decent tense.

So and the houses that you see On the right side, they are million-dollar homes.

So literally I would say these are not for investors.

These are for people who want to retire.

So if you want to invest then this is not the area then look on the other side of the riverside. Just not on the river.

So on the river, I have recently seen a house, which is sold for 750.

Thousand it’s only two-bedroom plus 1 plus den and one washroom. So that is sold for 750 and I can not imagine what the prices would be for this mansion that you see may be a million or million 1.5 or even there some I think there is one house which was sold or which was listed at one point five million dollars.

So now we are heading towards taking Em All which is the second biggest mall in Windsor and recently is some investor.

I wish I could remember his name, but he purchased this mall and started to renovate the mall.

So which means it’s a pretty good sign that there are lots of improvements happening throughout the city and also the improvements In new construction means it’s a good sign for the city. The economy is developing and the city and the people are moving in.

So that’s to keep in mind. It’s always a good sign and we are in the East End of the city in this East and you will see a lot of new construction happening towards the end of the East end after Forest Glade now we Are heading towards Forest Glade, which is one of my favourite neighbourhood, which is very good for investors who are looking for investing in a single-family or condominium type of houses.

The reason I say that because if you’re looking for condominium-style semi-detached or attached three-bedroom, two-bath Raise prices in this area would be you know starts from 132 209 bros, but basically if you’re looking if you’re purchasing a 1 and a 3 bedroom 2 bath semi-detached house for a 150 thousand you can easily get 1,500 and for the same house so which is 1% cash flow.

So that’s one of the reasons many investors love this area. And also there is a very nice School. Calls for very nice public schools in this area.

So this is one of the nice middle-class neighbourhood. I would say and also it’s surrounded by many dealership Chrysler showroom for Joe showroom and many other dealerships.

So that’s why it’s close to a lot of jobs as well.

This apartment is one of my favourite apartment buildings because it’s a high-end rental apartment for each unit in this apartment or two bedrooms two baths.

They don’t rent it below 1500.

So that high-end it is guys. I hope you guys enjoyed Windsor tour.

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