Grow Your Investing Network With These 5 Important Real Estate Professionals

Networking is the key to success, especially if you are an investor. There is never going to be one person who has all the answers, so in order to continue finding meaningful success you need to find people who you can turn to when questions arise. 

By building an investing network of experience professionals you are increasing your ability to locate, navigate and secure investments that can help you achieve the financial freedom you have always dreamed of. However, it is important to be wise about who you decide to do business with. After all, you want to surround yourself with the most knowledgeable and experienced people you can so that you can trust the information you are receiving. 

When looking to expand your investing network, it can be incredibly beneficial to attend networking events to meet new people for you to work with. However, you should also try to form new connections through your current investing network by meeting people your peers already consider to be reliable. 

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Your realtor is you guide through the real estate market when you are looking to buy or sell property. So, it is important you are working with the best agents in order to find the most reliable long-lasting success. While as an investor you are ideally going to want to find a single realtor that you can rely on for the majority of your deals, it is important to consider that different agents are more knowledgeable in different aspects of the market, and there will be times where you could need other agents to turn to. 

For example, if you primarily invest in single-family rental properties or similar residential investments you can usually trust that your primary realtor will know what to look for and can help you find properties to expand your portfolio. However, if you are expanding into another market or are looking to invest in larger commercial or niche properties it would be greatly beneficial to have a working relationship with more realtors so that you can find and secure these properties with ease. 

Finally, for better long-lasting success, try to find realtors who are also real estate investors themselves. That way they have a better understanding of what makes for a successful real estate investment property and can assist you with your investing strategy in mind. 


Some of the most important people you can add to your investing network as an investor are your fellow investors. By communicating and sharing your experiences, you create an opportunity to learn about various investing strategies and methods in order to help you continue to grow and diversify your portfolio. 

As well, by networking with other investors you can be more easily altered to new opportunities that are coming onto the market that you can take advantage of. As well, if you encounter a property that you believe would make a solid investment that you cannot afford to make on your own or do not have the necessary means to manage, you can benefit from having an investing network of other investors to work with as joint-venture partners. 

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When investing in real estate, you naturally are going to encounter properties that need updates and renovations. So, you will need to hire contractors to complete those tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible, so those projects do not end up costing a significant amount of time and money. However, if you do not include pre-selected contractors in your investing network of frequent contacts, you will have to go through the time-intensive process of looking for a new contractor frequently. 

However, instead of needing to look for quotes from a wide array of contractors every single time you have a project to complete, you can create a list of contractors who have proven their skill and value to you or to investors you work with, that way you can call them immediately and get the job done faster. Depending on the scale of your investment portfolio and your need, you may also be able to eventually hire contactors to work exclusively for you – further streamlining the process. 

Appraisers and Inspectors 

The keen eyes of skilled inspectors and appraisers are incredibly important when you are investing in real estate. When you are buying or selling a property, you want to ensure everything is in prime condition and properly valued so that you are not losing out on hard-earned income or over-spending for new houses. However, these people are in high demand so it can occasionally be incredibly difficult to schedule them to view your properties in a timely manner. However, if you develop a strong working relationship with these people, they are going to be easier to reach when it comes time to hire their services because they will come to expect your calls. 

Additionally, not all appraisers and inspectors are built equally. Some people have more of a keen eye for the fine details than others and by identifying and turning to those people first, you can save thousands of dollars in income that may otherwise have been missed. 

Mortgage Brokers and Agents 

If you are buying and selling properties, you want to have a good relationship with the best mortgage specialists you can find. Ideally, you want to find someone who is connected to a wide selection of lenders who can finance a variety of different properties and projects and is capable of getting the job done quickly. This way you can get the highest amount of money for the best interest rates available to you as soon as possible. 

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