Keeping the Classics – 3 Antique Features to Protect When Renovating Your Property 

When renovating an investment property, plenty of investors try to make the quickest and most affordable renovations possible to increase the value of a property. However, when updating an older home, it can be easy to overlook and replace antique features that can normally serve as major sources of both value and charm for the home. 

So, one of the most important things to keep an eye our for when preparing to redo and overhaul these houses, are these rustic, antique features that make the home feel alive. Whenever possible these elements should be maintained and restored to preserve the value that well-maintained older homes carry instead of substituting them for cheaper modern features.

In order to help you learn what to keep an eye out for, here are three antique features you should keep when updating an older property.

However, before we dive into the value of these antique features, you should know that protecting these antique features not only makes the home look great, but lenders will love it too. Well-maintained antique features signal to lenders that a classic home is in better condition than the age would suggest.

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If maintained properly, a fireplace can serve as a beautiful centerpiece in a home. These antique features can make a room feel warm and inviting both figuratively and literally and turn a standard living space into a major selling point for your property. So, whenever possible you should consider restoring the fireplace on your property instead of removing or replacing it. 

Of course, before deciding to keep the fireplace, you have to ensure that it is safe and functional. Hire an inspector to check the flue and the firebox to double check that everything is in working order, then get started on your restoration. For stone or brick fireplaces, you will typically only need some soap and degreaser to clean them out and repolish them.

However, sometimes you will need to find new stone elements to replace existing damaged pieces. However, when you are restoring a fireplace with a wooden mantel, you will want to re-sand the wood to create a smooth finish. Then, you can repaint it with an appropriate wood stain or finish that preserves the original detailing of the wood while making it look new again. 

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People do not construct flooring like they used to anymore. In the 80s and 90s, homeowners hopped on the horrible trend of laying carpets over classic hardwood and tile floorings - thus hiding these antique features. These carpets are notorious for capturing scents and become rough and uncomfortable over time as they absorb moisture, leading many people to turn around and replace them. If you go to replace this old carpets and are fortunate to find hardwood or classic tiling underneath, you should highly consider restoring these flooring options instead of replacing them or covering them back up. 

In the case of hardwood, it as often a simple task of cleaning off any adhesive from the surface of the wood and then filling in any gaps or cracks in the wood with a quality wood-filler. After that make sure you can refinish the wood with a quality varnish or wood stain that highlights the original texture of the wood. 

However, if you find tiling, call a professional immediately. While many classic tiles are simply beautiful, some older homes used to contain asbestos tiles which can become a major health hazard. So, you need to have these tiles tested to make sure they are safe. If they are identified to be asbestos, do not remove them yourself, otherwise the asbestos will get into the air and potentially make you and your contractors sick. Instead, hire someone who can remove them carefully to avoid allowing the asbestos to become airborne. Alternatively, you can carefully clean the tiles and have them sealed so the asbestos cannot affect anyone. 


One of the most easily overlooked antique features in older homes that can majorly increase the value and appeal of these properties is the hardware. Original brass and crystal elements such as doorknobs and drawer pulls are very highly sought after and should always be restored instead of replaced if the option is there. Sometimes you will find these elements have been painted over when the house has been updated over the years, if that is the case you may find it worth your time to soak these elements in a solution that can help you lift that paint off such as turpentine so you can then repolish them and make them appear new again. 

Bonus: When You Should Go Ahead and Replace Antique Features 

While it is highly recommended that you try to restore antique features, there are times when it is not feasible. In these cases you are better off turning around and fully replacing the antique features instead of wasting money on a restoration you cannot complete. 

For example, when uncovering an old hardwood floor that has not been maintained in years, the wood could be split and or rotted. While it may be possible to find new wood to replace the old worn-out sections, genuine hardwood genuine hardwood can be very expensive to come by and may not match the existing grain pattern. In cases like this, it can be much more cost-effective. to replace the entire floor instead of going through the hassle of finding the perfect replacement planks. 

As well in the case of asbestos tiling, if they are damaged you are best off having a professional come to remove them safely instead of spending the money to try and restore them without letting the asbestos into the air. 

In regard to fireplaces, if they are not in usable condition, it is usually better to block them off. From there you can decide whether you want to keep the structure there for aesthetic purposes or if you would like to remove it in order to claim more of the space for practical use. 

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