Property Profits by, Carlos A. Rodrigues - An Exclusive 2020 Interview

Carlos has been a long-time investment guru. Throughout his career, began seeing cracks in the corporate world, and also the benefits of investing in real estate. In his book, Property Profits, Carlos talks about his investment journey. Carlos is also one of the humblest, humorous and down- to- earth people I have met in the investment world. He’s a devoted husband, a loving father, and values time with his family. Read the full article or watch the condensed video to see why. (video link in the article).

Property Profits by Carlos Rodrigues Interview

“I've been making money all this time in real estate, buying and selling properties and creating wealth that way, as opposed to putting money into our RRSP's or anything like that.” -Carlos.

When he came to a turn in his career path- Carlos had to choose to stay with his corporate career but not be able to give the investment advice he felt was in his clients best interest- or to go his way and start a career fueled by his passion for real estate. He chose to start his career, becoming a broker and opened  Magellan Wealth Management. Check out his website by clicking the provided link. (

“After 10 years, you kind of start see the cracks in the system. I saw my job as helping my clients appropriately create wealth, not just to sell a product.”-Carlos

In 2008, when the market collapsed and many people were losing their jobs and money, Carlos found it a time to prosper. “My investments just kind of kept clipping along creating cash flow and it was more of an opportunity to go and buy properties than anything else at that point.” – Carlos.

There’s a section in Property Profits, where Carlos discusses that approximately 80% of the workforce does not like their job and don’t feel engaged by what they do. It’s very unfortunate to think of such a great number of people out there, who will work most of their lives in jobs they don’t like. For Carlos, when you do what you love, “It’s more of a passion now than working”. - Carlos.

Carlos is transparent and very comical. He talks about real-life situations that will happen to everyone in the real estate world.  In Property Profits, he writes about events that take place almost every time he steps onto an airplane.

“About 90% of the time, when I cross the threshold onto a plane. I know I'm going to get a text message or email or phone call from a tenant that says, “You know this problem is happening right now!” It's like my furnace has stopped working, I've got a flood in my basement, there's sewage everywhere or there's a leak in the roof, you know, like, oh my, right now really, it couldn't wait one week.”-Carlos

Carlos has people constantly asking him questions about investments and real estate. He had an itch to write a book and knew it was time to put his thoughts down on paper. He writes Property Profits,  as in introductory book for anyone interested or who is new to investing. The book is also filled with his life experiences in the investment field. I asked Carlos, “Why should somebody read your book vs. another similar book?” Carlos gave me the humblest answer I’ve ever heard.

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“I don't think it's a question of whose is better or why you should read mine or not. Frankly, if you can read them all. I mean everybody is going to have different experiences and like I said before real estate is the ultimate game of adaptation and you know, seeing how these other authors have dealt with their portfolios or grown their portfolios.

I think everybody can learn at least some little tip. I mean you're going to see a lot of books that they talk about the same thing, over and over and over again, but there might be just that one idea that's framed in a little bit different perspective, that now it clicks for you in a manner that explodes your bank account.”- Carlos.

Carlos’ company, Magellan Wealth Management can help clients with many types of investments. Standard Investments including, Segregated Funds, GIC’s, Annuities. Alternative Investment Products including, Syndicated Mortgages, Private Mortgage Lending, Joint Venture Real Estate Investments. Insurance Products such as Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, and Critical Illness Insurance.

During the interview, we touched on Joint Venture Partnerships and how a client can get started in a Joint Venture Partnership with Carlos. ( You can find more information on this topic in His book, or by contacting him directly on his website,

In Property Profits, Carlos explains what Joint Venture Partnerships are. In summary, they are business arrangements in which two or more parties agree to pool their resources and work together to accomplish a specific task.  “First thing is you go to, there's a link in the book. "" and you can set up a time for a 15-minute conversation with either myself or one of my reps.

We go through what you think real estate investing is, and how you would be comfortable in an investment. We see what your capabilities are. Once we have a handle on that then we can plan out what strategy makes sense and go from there. Ultimately, we take 50% of the risk and 100% of the work off your shoulders. ”- Carlos.

Property Profits, get your copy on March 23, 2020 (It will be discounted for a time). This is a great book to learn the basics of real estate investing. It’s a quick read, filled with Carlos’ experiences and humour.

As well, if you want to learn how to finance your upcoming real estate investments, click the link below to book a free strategy call at the link below with the LendCity mortgage team. From there we will help you use the lessons you learned from Property Profits.

Property Profits Exclusive Interview