The Best Software Tools to Help Your Real Estate Investments in 2023

Software tools can help virtually any industry reach its full potential, and the world of real estate investment is no exception. Managing your properties, maximizing investment potential, and interacting with both current and potential renters has never been easier thanks to some of the software tools outlined below. They are grouped into appropriate categories that make it easier to discover what might be of the best use to your unique situation.

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Software Tools For Building a website

Building and presenting a website should be on the to-do list for every committed real estate investor. Tenants today expect to do much of their transactions online, from looking for a place to scheduling showings, so having a website is a good way to meet those needs and stand out from the crowd. These are a few website building software tools that offer great options for landlords and investors on all budgets.


WordPress is a web hosting provider that is one of the largest ones out there. Some estimates say that 30 percent of the internet is powered by this one tool. It is a favourite of small business owners thanks to its ease of use, inexpensive price tag and easily editable and updateable structure.


Another inexpensive website builder, Wix is also popular among small business owners. It is not quite as user-friendly as WordPress, and some experience with websites might be preferable if you decided to go this route.

Project management software tools

Many real estate investors and landlords who are working at a large scale soon learn that project management software is a must-have. Perhaps they are working to renovate a large development, or just want to keep tabs on different project timelines at once. There are several software products currently on the market that can help to navigate this space.


A staple of the project management software market, Trello allows for easy collaboration with workers and project stakeholders. This is an excellent option for property owners working with team members who are primarily in a different city or state. This flexibility is a key asset for many real estate investors looking for quick and simple project management possibilities.


A free product, Freedcamp gives you the capability to manage multiple projects from near or far. It has multiple formatting options, so there is quite a bit of user freedom, and its file storage options make it a good alternative to Dropbox or Google Drive. Freedcamp can be a great choice for real estate investors and developers looking to connect with multiple stakeholders.


One of the most comprehensive project management options out there for real estate professionals, Zoho has many features and capabilities that users can upgrade to use. This is a double-edged sword, however, as it can present difficulties for user experience and can take some time to bring your entire team up to speed to use its many assets.

Email and marketing software tools

Email is one of the most powerful marketing software tools to ever emerge. Every savvy real estate professional should have this arrow in their quiver. There are several options that you can choose, and some have distinct strengths and weaknesses for you to consider as you make a decision.


Mailchimp is a very easy tool to use, offering both preformatted emails as well as fluid tools that let you build visually appealing messages from scratch. All you need to do is add the content and the images and you are good to go. You can also grant different levels of administration capabilities to members of your team, a good option if you like to keep a degree of control over your business.


This software product finds its strengths primarily in its ability to prompt and execute highly targeted follow-up campaigns. It can manage big mailing lists with ease and has been making some serious inroads into the real estate marketing space in recent years.

Constant Contact

One of the benefits of using Constant Contact is that if you are fortunate enough to have a dedicated marketing person on your staff, odds are that they have experience with this product and hit the ground running. Constant Contact has been a staple of the marketing area for years and with good reason. Its flexibility and ease of use are some of its most compelling traits.

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Lead generation and real estate investment

Working with lead generation tools is a key aspect of being a real estate investor and landlord. These software tools can be your bread and butter when used correctly. They help get the word out to several potential tenants to ensure that you are their first choice for their real estate needs.

Find Private Lenders Now

If you are hoping to track down private money lenders in your area, there is no better tool. Private lenders are a fast-growing segment of real estate, so skillful management of them is key. Software like this can make that a reality with ease.

Find Cash Buyers Now

Cash buyers are one of the most desirable targets in real estate, as they can help streamline transactions. This tool helps you manage these capabilities and can help connect you with folks who can suit your needs in this area.

Using the software is virtually a necessity in the modern real estate space. Savvy real estate investors can use this brief guide to get started. Additional research can reveal what other software tools out there can help meet your needs. Fellow investors likely have their own tried and true methods of managing their business. The result will likely be a better-marketed, smoother and more streamlined investing operation that will save you both heartache and money in the long run.

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