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The City of Cambridge is a beautiful slice of Ontario that offers some of the best views of the Grand River. The city has a population of around 129,920 and sees a multitude of tourists throughout the year. Tourism in Cambridge is driven by its many attractions, which include scenic parks, interesting cultural spaces, delicious restaurants and much more. Cambridge is also just a short drive from the booming metropolis of Toronto, making it the perfect place for those wanting to enjoy big-city amenities while avoiding high property costs.

The Cambridge real estate market offers an excellent investment opportunity for those wanting to start somewhere a bit smaller than Ontario. While Cambridge is a smaller city, it offers plenty of beautiful properties just waiting to be sold.

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Welcome to Cambridge Real Estate

Located in southern Ontario, Cambridge was formed fairly recently in 1973. Cambridge is made up of a former settlement called Blair and several other settlements, including Galt, Hespeler and Preston. The city experiences all four seasons, which usually involves mild summers and cold winters. The average temperature for Cambridge during the summer is around 20 degrees Celsius, while winter temperatures stay around -1 degrees Celsius.

There are plenty of amenities offered to citizens living in Cambridge, which is why many young families continue moving to the city. Grand River Transit offers public transportation throughout the city of Waterloo. The city also features several railways and the Region of Waterloo International Airport is located nearby.

Combined, these help to make the Cambridge real estate market a great option for investors.

The economy of Cambridge

There are plenty of job opportunities available in Cambridge, which brings in people looking for work. Investors should take advantage of this constant stream of new workers by investing in a starter home to rent out to young families. Currently, the largest employer in Cambridge is Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada, which has over 4,000 people on staff. Consider investing in a home or apartment near Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada and marketing to their numerous employees.

There are plenty of other job opportunities for factory workers in Cambridge. A few of the largest employers besides Toyota include Rimowa, Gerdau, ATS Automation Tooling Systems, Loblaw Companies Limited and many more. Most non-factory workers have an easy time finding employment in Waterloo. In fact, the unemployment rate in Waterloo is only around 6.2 percent. That means there are plenty of workers in Waterloo looking for the perfect place to live.

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The film industry in Cambridge

The filming industry has continuously grown in Cambridge over the last decade. Filmmakers from all over the world visit Cambridge to film their projects. This is mainly because the city is home to beautiful architecture and great views of the Grand River. Films and TV shows that were filmed in the city include Red, Silent Hill: Revelation, Flatliners, The Handmaid’s Tale and many more.

This rise in filmmaking has significantly boosted the economy in Cambridge. In fact, the film industry added almost $1.2 million to the Cambridge economy in 2016 alone. This increase in filmmakers and other artists coming to Cambridge means there’s always a need for apartments and studio space.

Cultural events that drive tourism

Cambridge hosts a cavalcade of fun events throughout the year that ensures a multitude of visitors. The Rock the Mill music festival, for example, showcases a variety of amazing musicians and is always a fun time for everyone in attendance. Another popular event held in Cambridge is the Cambridge Highland Games, which feature traditional Scottish games, cooking and more. Visitors come from all over to watch and compete in the Cambridge Highland Games.

Other popular events held in Cambridge include the Cambridge Santa Claus Parade, annual Dragon Boat Festival, Cambridge Fall Fair and many more. Thanks to all these events, there’s a steady flow of visitors coming to Cambridge throughout the year. This means there are always people looking for vacation rentals.

Even more attractions

The festivals and other events aren’t the only things bringing visitors to Cambridge. The city is actually home to myriad amazing attractions that always bring in plenty of visitors. The Cambridge Centre for the Arts, for example, is a popular spot for artists and art-lovers alike. At the Cambridge Centre for the Arts, visitors can take part in workshops, see rotating exhibits and much more. Drayton Entertainment is a Cambridge theatre company that operates several theatres in the city. They also host festivals and programs for people of all ages.

Downtown Cambridge is the perfect place to visit if you want to get a feeling for the city’s culture. Understanding what types of businesses the locals enjoy will help you make the best decision when investing. Downtown Cambridge is home to a diversity of shops and restaurants. Dreamers are always looking to start their business in Downtown Cambridge. Consider investing in one of the commercial properties in the downtown area and you’re sure to find tenants in no time.

The growing city of Cambridge

Currently, the average price of homes in Cambridge is around $835,506, which is an increase of around 38.4 percent from 2020. The average rental price for a one-bedroom apartment has shot up 10 percent since 2020 is currently $1,670. This shows how quickly Cambridge is growing and will continue to grow. If you’re interested in investing, be sure to start looking at properties right away. Prices will likely only go up over time, so you’ll probably make the most money by investing now.

Investing in Cambridge Real Estate

If you’re looking to invest in an area with plenty of potential, consider Cambridge, Ontario. Cambridge is not only one of the most beautiful cities in Ontario, but it also features a strong economy and a good job market. There are plenty of attractions and the city hosts some of Canada’s most fun events. It’s easy to see why people are constantly moving to and visiting the city. Cambridge is a great place to invest in apartments, vacation rentals, single-family homes and more. Make the right choice today and start looking for properties in Cambridge.

Cambridge Real Estate Professionals

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