Barrie Real Estate Investing Success in 2023

In the world of real estate investment in Canada, millions in fresh capital is being injected into the markets of the nation’s biggest cities: Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. While those markets continue to thrive, savvy investors are quickly learning that increasing competition and overhead in these popular markets makes it difficult to achieve notable success.

Fortunately, Canada is filled with smaller markets that are growing to an incredible degree. Take, for instance, the City of Barrie in Ontario. The city may not boast the same population as Ontario’s mega-city, Toronto, but at 150,000 people and a healthy tourism market, there is plenty of opportunity for profitable investment with Barrie real estate.

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Get in on the Golden Horseshoe …

For those potential investors who may not know, Barrie sits at the northern end of Ontario’s Golden Horseshoe. This vibrant region extends around Lake Ontario’s western border and includes several major cities, the largest of which is Toronto. At present, the Golden Horseshoe is the most densely populated and industrialized area in Canada. Indeed, one in five Canadians calls the Golden Horseshoe home, and that number is growing rapidly.

In short, when you choose to invest in Barrie real estate, you’re plugging into one corner of the most vibrant real estate markets on the planet.

… but get out of Toronto

Historically, when Canadians think about the Golden Horseshoe, they think about the Greater Toronto Area. As of 2005, however, the GTA isn’t the only part of the Golden Horseshoe. The area has expanded to include several growing hotspots, with Barrie among them.

Even better for potential real estate investors in the area, land in and around Barrie is increasingly scarce. The city is smack dab in between the western edge of Ontario’s Lake Simcoe and Canada’s Green Belt, a stretch of more than two million miles of preserved land. This stretch of prime real estate is among the most coveted in the nation. It’s also finite. Available space for new construction is quickly evaporating, which means that now is a prime time to invest capital.

The Barrie Real Estate Market has up-and-coming population

For those real estate investors with an eye on upscale investment, Barrie could quickly turn into the market of your dreams. In the last forty years, the population has swelled more than 560 percent, and most of that population is on the younger side. The median age of a Barrie citizen is just 37 years old, and they are drawn to the region to try their hand at corporate success. These well-educated, motivated people are drawn to lavish surroundings, especially as they climb their way up the corporate ladder or grow their family beyond a simple two-bedroom townhome.

Over the next several years, the housing market in Barrie is expected to expand, as a result, with a pronounced uptick of movement in the more expensive homes and apartments. This is a great time to get into Barrie's real estate.

Keep an eye on tourism With Barrie Real Estate

For those people interested in short-term rentals, Barrie is an exceptional choice. The region is home to jaw-dropping natural splendour. Kilometres of pristine waterfront and hiking trails make Barrie the ideal escape for nature-lovers. In the winter, the city is a treasured skiing spot. For those people who prefer a little less nature in their vacations, Barrie has several art galleries, breweries and malls to help tourists have some fun. Barrie really is one of the rare tourist destinations that experience a few off-seasons.

Even better than that, the city has a tourism agency called Tourism Barrie, an organization with the sole goal of drawing people to the city. In January and February of 2020 alone, Tourism Barrie spent $50,000 on marketing. That is a tremendous amount of money you could harness for your investment ends.

GO transit

Another of the reasons to invest in Barrie is its connection to the Greater Toronto Area. The regional transportation system, GO Transit, covers more than 11,000 square kilometres and connects Barrie to the entirety of the Greater Golden Horseshoe area. Each year, more than 70 million people take advantage of this incredible public transit system.

Those people investing in real estate in Barrie will quickly discover that nearby GO Transit stops can be a very useful selling point, whether you’re flipping a house or trying to draw in vacationers.

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Big-time commercial growth in Barrie Real Estate

If your primary real estate interest is commercial, you should certainly keep an eye on Barrie. In addition to being a residential real estate magnet, the region is also home to booming economic growth. The year 2018 saw more than $43 million in new industrial construction begin. That’s more than the previous three years combined. In the last decade, Barrie has created 25,000 jobs. A third of those have come in the previous two years.

Even better, Barrie is home to a small business center that is focused on Simcoe County. Like Tourism Barrie, the Small Business Centre has one goal: to promote the growth of small businesses in the area. The same appears true for big business, as well. Innovative Automation President Steve Loftus says that Barrie “really puts out an effort to support growth.”

Indeed, operating in Barrie is one of the cheapest places for a business to operate in all of Central Canada and the Northeastern US.

Barrie Real Estate Has Seen Growth in all Sectors

Regardless of where you look in the Barrie real estate market — residential, commercial or industrial — you’ll find enormous historical growth. Not even the impact of COVID-19 could derail the economic growth of the area. In fact, even now in 2023, the market is still steadily climbing in Barrie. Companies love the price of doing business. Residents enjoy job opportunities. Tourists love the culture and the gorgeous environment around every turn.

As a potential real estate investor in Barrie, your path to success is just a matter of choice. All you have to do is pick your sector and start doing your homework.

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